Bexley Lunch Menu

Lunch is served daily. Be sure to ask for our special of the day!

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Includes Lettuce, Tomato, Chips or Pasta Salad and a Pickle Spear; Cheese $.50 extra unless noted

Chicken Salad, Egg Salad, Tuna Salad, Herb Roasted Turkey, Bavarian Honey-Cured Ham, Corned Beef $6.49


Breads: Sliced White, Sliced Wheat, Sliced Rye or Croissant $.95 Extra

Cheeses: Swiss, American, Cheddar, Provolone, Pepperjack


Includes Chips or Pasta Salad, Pickle Spear and Kid’s Drink

PB& J or Hot Dog $3.49

Grilled Cheese $3.99


Includes Chips or Pasta Salad and a Pickle Spear

3 Cheese Panini: Provolone, Cheddar, and Swiss on Artisan White Bread $6.49

Beef BBQ: Seasoned Hand-pulled Beef, BBQ Sauce on a Kaiser Bun $6.99

Chicken Cordon Bleu: Grilled Chicken Breast, Bavarian Ham, Swiss Cheese and Mayo on a Kaiser Bun $6.99

Chili Cheese Dog: All Beef Hot Dog, Homemade Chili, and Shredded Cheese on a fresh Bun$4.29

Grilled Chicken Sandwich: Grilled Chicken Breast, your choice of cheese, Lettuce, and Tomato on a Kaiser Bun $6.99

Pesto Chicken Sandwich: Grilled Chicken Breast, Basil Pesto, Provolone, Tomato, and Lettuce on a Kaiser Bun $6.99

Pot Roast Sandwich: Toasted Sub Bun with Provolone Cheese, Caramelized Onions ,and Hot Roast Beef $7.99

Reuben: Corned Beef, Swiss Cheese, Sauerkraut, 1000 Island Dressing on Rye Bread $6.99

Johnson's Panini: Ham, Sliced Salami, Provolone Cheese, Banna Peppers, Tomato, Lettuce, and Italian Dressing on Artisan White Bread $6.99

Johnson’s Sub: Italian Sub Bun, American Cheese, Provolone Cheese, Bavarian Ham, Sliced Salami, Onion, Banana Peppers, and Italian Dressing $6.99

Tuna Melt: Homemade Tuna Salad, American Cheese on Artisan White Bread $6.99

Turkey Bruschetta: Herb Roasted Turkey, Provolone Cheese, and Homemade Bruschetta on Artisan White Bread $6.99

Build your own Panini: Your choice of meat, cheese and bread with Lettuce and Tomato $6.99


Ask about our soup of the day!

Fresh Chicken Noodle Soup, Tortellini Tomato, Homemade Chili $4.95 bowl

Chef’s Salad: Romaine Spring Mix, Bavarian Ham, Herb Roasted Turkey, Tomato, Cucumber, Egg, Cheddar Cheese, and choice of dressing $7.49

Grilled Chicken Salad: Romaine Spring Mix, Grilled Chicken Breast, Tomato, Cucumber, Cheddar Cheese, and choice of dressing $7.49

House Salad: Spring Mix, Tomato, Cucumber, Cheddar Cheese, and choice of dressing $3.95

Taco Salad: Spring Mix Lettuce with Chili, Cheddar Cheese, Tomatoes, topped with Fritos and Ranch Dressing $7.49

Important Message from Johnson's

We would like to take a moment to address a divisive social media post from last evening regarding a wholesale customer of ours, Sunbury Fish and Chicken. At Johnson’s Real Ice Cream, we believe in the values of diversity and inclusion and are against any form of discrimination. For that reason, we have pulled our product from this shop and they will no longer be a customer of Johnson’s. In addition, we have asked them to take down the unauthorized signage depicting the Johnson's logo.

Johnson’s Real Ice Cream is a family-owned business and the community has supported us for 70 years. We are grateful for all of our customers and we will not stand for discrimination in any shape or form.


Matt and Jeff Wilcoxon