Johnson’s Real Ice Cream

4 Pints + 4 Ice Cream Sandwiches


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Select any four of your favorite Johnson’s Real Ice Cream flavors + four delicious Ice Cream Sandwiches and we’ll ship directly to your home.

The following pint flavors are available:

  • Buckeye Fever
  • Get Butter, Pecan
  • Rollin’ in the Cookie Dough
  • One Smart Cookies and Cream
  • Coffee and the Cool Beans
  • Double Dutch Chocolate
  • Lemon Cha Cha
  • Mighty Mint and Chip
  • Salted Caramel Choco Pretzel Trap
  • Strawberry Jamboree
  • Triple Trouble Vanilla Bean
  • Seasonal Flavor

Ice Cream Sandwich flavors: (all made with Chocolate Chip Cookies)

  • Once Smart Cookies and Cream
  • Vanilla
  • Might Mint and Chip

*NOTE FOR ICE CREAM SHIPMENTS: Standard shipments occur on Tuesdays of each week. Orders cannot be placed and shipped on the same day. All purchases made after 1pm EST on Monday will ship the following Tuesday. Shipping dates and cut off times may change over the holiday season. See calendar at checkout.

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